Friday, January 17, 2014

Take Long Walks

I love to take long walks.  I could take them alone, or with others.  I especially love taking nice long walks on a warm summer night.  There is just a real peace about it all.  I find that walking, especially alone, gives me time to ponder life.  I think that it is the best type of therapy that there is. 
I love walking on a forest path
I find that when I am walking and thinking about things, that is usually when I come up with the best solutions to any problems that I might be facing.  It is also the time when I feel the most inspired from someone much greater than I.

For years I walked with friends every day.  We would meet up with our little kids and push them in the strollers and walk for at least an hour.  This was also a great form of therapy.  There is just something good about being able to walk with a friend, get in a little exercise, and exercise the mind as well. 
Then as my kids grew and we moved from place to place, I would still find good walking partners.  Now life just seems to be too busy to be able to get together with a friend.  We all have such busy lives.

I went for a nice walk today with my husband and our little two year old grandson, Xander.  It is still winter, but the snow is melting, and there are puddles everywhere.  It was nice just to walk a slow pace, watch him with his little sticks playing in all of the puddles and breaking ice. 
nothing much sweeter than this
There is nothing much more peaceful.  We still like to take walks together.  As a family, as a couple, and as individuals we walk.

There are lots of physical health benefits of walking too.  It is good for your heart.  It is good for your lungs.  It is just good for the whole body.  But the most benefits of walking come internally.  It helps you to focus and to be able to relax your mind.  I helps you to learn to appreciate the little things in nature that are around you.  It helps you to be able to master your mind, to set goals, and to find ways to achieve those goals.
This is my someday walk

Taking a nice long walk is different than walking for to get physically fit.  It isn't about this at all.  For me it is about the peace, the opportunity to be able to be one with nature and try to just relax.

Someday I really want to be able to take this walk, on a nice warm summer evening, walking along the beach with my husband.  I don't know if it will ever happen, but I keep thinking somewhere in the back of my mind that it might.  It just brings such a perfect image into my mind.  Ahhh, those somedays!


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