Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Nobody's Perfect

Nobody is perfect!  It always amazes me how people think that they are always right, or their way is always
My Meandering creek past thyme, valerian, raspberries, yarrow and ferns
the best way, or that they can always do the job better than someone else!  What makes us think like that?  What makes us think that we are smarter, better, more organized, more anything.......than anyone else?  Yet we do!

My pondering place
I guarantee you, that I am not smarter, or better at anything..........but nor do I believe you are!  I believe that we are all a product of what we create ourselves to be.  If you want to be better at something, guess what?  You have to practice it, study it, and learn it.  And even then, it doesn't mean you will ever be better at it than someone else.  If you are, koodos for you, but you had better understand that there are people out there that are better at other things than you are too! So just accept people for who they are, and get over yourself!  Pretty much it, right!  We are all equals.  We are all good at some things and suck at others.  That is life, so let's just do our best and get over it!  Okay, enough said, I feel better!

My Walk The Creek blog, is a place for me to go to seek out some sanity, and in writing sometimes I come up with answers to the problems.  Sometimes I don't find the answers, I just get to vent.  I wish I could live where I had a nice little creek that trickled through my back yard. I am sure you would find me there often,
Where my creek begins
just pondering.

Well, since I can't have the little creek in my back yard, I have created one, sort of.  I have a beautiful little spot, that is shaded mostly by my grape vine arch.  I have dug a little ditch so that when I turn on the hose, it trickles through most of the small area, and I can hear the water trickling.  I
It wanders through the flowers and herbs
still have some work to do, in fact I want to make a small little pond at the beginning of the "creek", with some rocks, so that I get even more of that trickling and creek effect.

Xander calls it Grandma's River, and he loves to play in it.  I love to sit and listen to it.  I have even refinished an old garbage can holder, and turned it into a bench that sits just at the edge of my "creek", so I can sit and enjoy it. 

See the little creek meandering past my yarrow, valerian and ferns

The old garbage can holder now turned bench

This is the old bench that Cyera and I cleaned up and turned into what you saw above.  Who would have thought.

Oh how I love my little creek!  "Grandma's River".  It helps me stay sane in a really selfish, insane world!


Talia Zemp said...

You back yard really is a wonderful peaceful place. You have done a good job.

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