Saturday, December 19, 2015

Which of the seven dwarfs do I relate to the most?

Hmmm.  I kind of chuckled when I went back to the memories of the movie and wondered which one I thought I was most like.  I don't think there is one that stands out for me, there is two, maybe others would think differently about me though.  Smiling here.


Here is the description Disney gives of him.... Self proclaimed leader of the group, Doc often loses his train of thought and bumbles around, looking over the dwarfs.  I guess I self proclaim myself the leader all the time, and expect people to listen and do what I say, because you know I always know what is best, right??  I often lose my train of thought, and I can understand why Doc does too.  When we have such active brains, always trying to solve the problems for those we "lead", there is just too much rolling around in our heads all of the time and sometimes we get sidetracked.  We always eventually get back to what we were doing and finish the task, but if something of a greater priority comes up, we run with it.  Bumbling around is what we do, always working, always doing something, very rarely ever sitting still, always finding projects to keep us busy. I get Doc.  He and I could be good friends.


Fat and jolly with a friendly personality, Happy maintains laughter and joy amongst the dwarfs.   Yes I love
Happy.  Yes we are a bit overweight, but I wouldn't go so far as to agree we are "fat" per se.  We are jolly and comfortable for sure.  We worked hard to get that extra bit of weight on us and it agrees with us.  :)   We both have friendly personalities, obviously his name is Happy, right?  Mine isn't happy, but I love people.  I must admit I make friends with most people.  There is only one personality type out there that I struggle with, and no don't ask me what it is, but you will know if you have it and I struggle with you.  Just kidding.  Likely I won't ever let you know it, I just won't ever be a close friend to you because I stay away, only because I avoid contention at all costs.  I abhor it.  It makes me physically sick to deal with contention.  My dad has always said even as a child I was a peacemaker, and hated fighting or seeing anyone else fight.  I am mostly a pretty happy personality.  I love to laugh.  I love to have fun.  I love people, and yes I am a bit overweight.  Me and Happy - we could be BFF's in today's world.  In fact I would love to dance with him to the Happy song by Pharrell Williams.  It would be fun.

If you aren't sure who you might relate to, here is a quick run down of the rest of them.....


Being around Snow White increases Bashful's tendency to bury his head but she doesn't mind.


Although Dopey may annoy Doc & Grumpy, his intentions are silly and he is often the core of the dwarfs jokes.


While always eager to fall asleep, Sleepy is considered the most observant amongst the dwarfs.


A bad case of hayfever causes Sneezy to sneeze violently and frequently but he doesn't let that stop him from having fun.


Grumpy tends to be irritated with the other dwarfs antics and opposes allowing Snow White to stay with them.

Have some fun with this one.  See who you can relate to the best.  There is a little of one or two of them in all of us.


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