Monday, January 18, 2016

Blog Updates

Today I would like to update you on the blogs that I maintain.  I have six that are busy and functioning, with a couple more in the works.  I know right?  I spend a couple of hours a day - usually - sometimes more, sometimes less, writing posts for my blogs.  I also spend an hour or two a day late into the evenings, or early
mornings, working on my novels.  I have two novels on the go right now, both I am just loving writing.  It makes me happy!  Even if nobody but my family ever reads my stories, it will be a great accomplishment for me just to complete them!  I will definitely have them posted here when they are finished.

The first blog I started - way back when - is Today While The Sun Shines.  It is a blog that began as a church project of emergency preparedness and food storage information.  I have tried to keep it going through the years, and am still passionate about preparedness in all forms.

The next blog I started was Walk The Creek.  I started this blog in a state of mind where I was somewhat
depressed and needed a place that I could go and talk, even if it was to myself, to create my own happy place.  As a young child, I loved walking up and down the creek with my Grandfather, fishing, playing, swimming.  I love watching the water run over the rocks, shaping it's surroundings into it's own form of beauty.  Thus became Walk The Creek - my happy place in my dark hours - at the time.  Now I just love to write about creating my life to be a better me.

Atwood's Front Porch has been a fun blog, because it is just all about my family.  My family comes first in my life and this blog is a place for me to share about them past and present, memories, recipes, traditions, and the like.

Bitter Sweet Herbals and Book and Pen are two blogs I have recently started.  Bitter Sweet is a place for me to keep my studies organized. I
Available now here
am using as a source of studying for myself.  I love herbs, herbal medicine, herbal remedies, well you get the idea, and this blog is a place for me to continue to learn.  I have my herbal studies certificate, but there is so much more I need to learn.  I created for myself an outline, and when I have a few minutes to study, I turn to my own outline and study something.

Book and Pen is my online version of a writer's notebook,
however I must admit, I don't get quite as personal online as I do in some of my notebooks at home.  I wish I had the courage to, but there are just some things that I don't want to parade in front of the world.  Perhaps someday, but not today.  So I write thoughts, write ideas, share writings, and share much of what I happen to be learning about that pertains to writing.

I have in the past had a few different blogs using wordpress, that I haven't continued on with them.   I enjoyed these blogs, they either lost their spark, or I didn't want to continue with a paid hosting site, but I must admit, for now, I love using Blogger. I write for me, and if in the process I make a bit of money, well then so be it.  Would I love to write full time and get paid for it?  Absolutely!  But for now, I am satisfied with maintaining these blogs and loving life and what I do.

Keep watch for my books soon to be available.


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