Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Rise and Shine

One thing I have always said to my kids through the years is "Rise and Shine Sunshine!"  I laugh or cringe depending on their reply.  I wish I could find a phone ring tone that I could set that as my alarm.  The sun
wakes up warm and cheery every morning, telling us it is time to get up and get our day going, right?  Well on most days that works.  Here, in the northern hemisphere where I live, during these cold winter months, I am often up and at it way before Mrs Sunshine decides to join me. I wish I could tell her to rise and shine, but she kind of has her own schedule she sticks by.  However, during the spring, summer and fall months, I love waking up early with the sun.

My schedule in the morning depends on the day, but usually I am up long before anyone else.  I love the quiet of the morning, with no interruptions, where I can just sit and ponder life for a bit.  During the warm months, I will often go out into my little creek garden and just sit and listen to life happening all around, and watch the world wake up.  I will take a notebook with me to jot down thoughts and ideas.  During these cold days, I tend to hunker down on the couch with computer in hand, and see what thoughts I can get written before my day takes over.

I had one of those days on Saturday that just kind of took over, and truth be told, I didn't get any writing or pondering done until eight o'clock in the evening.  I woke up a little later, just because I could, which started my day off running.  No quiet time for me.  I ended up running from one thing to the other, helping this person and that one, and not taking five minutes for myself until the day was almost done.  How does that happen?  On my calendar, which I live by, there was nothing scheduled, so technically I should have had the day to do
as I pleased right?  Wrong!  It was a Saturday.  Everyone knew I wasn't working, so they had their plans in mind for me.  Sigh.....

I guess that is where I need to schedule on my calendar, Writing Retreat!  Then I can tell everyone I am gone to a writing retreat for the weekend, even if it is at the local library, or locked in my office.  I actually wrote a small eBook about that very thing, if you want to check it out.  I enjoyed writing it.  It will help you get creative in creating your own writing retreat, to take back that time you want.

I realized on Saturday, well actually I already knew it, that if I want my day to be productive my way, I need
to RISE AND SHINE SUNSHINE, myself!!  Then at least I can get done what I want, before everyone else needs me to do what they want.  Ah, the life of a family.....

One of my own favorite thoughts......

Work early, work late, all in order to play when play opportunities come about,  from Book and Pen


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