Sunday, January 24, 2016

Slow Down - Week 2

First I want to recap briefly my week 1.  Did I learn something new every day?  I did.  You see I actively seek opportunities to learn something new every day, even if it is something about someone else.  Here are some of the things I learned this past week.  

I learned about wedding dress shopping - for my daughter.  It was a fun learning experience!

I learned a few things about the ladies I work with - which I won't go into details because of course privacy stuff!  

I learned that just because I am not working for money - doesn't mean I am not working.  I have to book in my work hours as if I am working, or others tend to fill it up for me.

I learned that health is a fragile thing.  I am not invincible, and it kind of sucks!

I learned to be grateful for little things.  I have always known this one, but sometimes it is the little things that happen that make us even more grateful for them.

There are many more things I learned, or rediscovered, but I will write them more thoroughly in my own journal, as should you.  Learning things is what keeps us alive.  If we are not learning we are digressing.  Not okay in my books.

Okay, now onto Week 2.  SLOW DOWN

I know I have talked about this one before, in different aspects of the words, we need to slow down in life.  This is something that I have learned for sure over the past little while.  I swear time is speeding up, and I wish I could slow it down to savor the things that are important a little longer, but I can not do such a thing, but I can slow down my own life to savor the things that I want to.  

I can stop being so busy that the important things get left behind.  I can take the time to enjoy the moment I am in, take it all in, and give my all to whom I am with.  

Have you ever been so distracted, that when you are with someone, they are talking to you, and your mind is a million miles away, and you end up asking them what they said because you have no idea, you were not there, you were not listening?

 Have you ever been listening to someone talk to you, and while they are talking you are formulating your answer before they are even finished, in fact you are so sure of your answer - and that they want to hear it - that you cut them off, and take over the conversation, sure that you have solved the issue? 

 Have you  ever been spending some "quality" time with someone, gone out for dinner, watching a movie, whatever it might be, and your mind is thinking of how much you would rather be somewhere else, doing something else, with someone else?

I know I have done all of the above.  What a shame that we don't slow down and enjoy the moments we are in.  Make those memories special.  And if it is a moment we really don't want to be in, then why are we?  Do the things that are important to you and slow down long enough to enjoy them in every way possible.

I love the example of my little four year old grandson.  When we walk with him or play with him, he is totally engaged in whatever we are doing.  There is no other thing that is more important to him at that time.  Why can't I be more like that?  Slow down and take the time to be like that.

Quite rushing around like everything is in a panic.  Clear your schedule enough to relieve the stress.  Get rid of the things that are not really important so you can slow down and be there for what is.

Life is not a crisis, unless we make it one, and if we are slowing down, it won't be a crisis, it will be wonderful.

Week 2 - my challenge to myself is to find ways I can slow down and enjoy life as it comes.  



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