Thursday, December 26, 2013


Wow, it is already Christmas Day!  I must admit, since I decided to change my attitude, I had probably the most fun on Christmas that I have ever had so far.  We planned and prepared for my son to dress up as Santa on Christmas Eve and deliver presents to six different families.  It was so much fun!  We bought all kinds of little things and made goodie bags for the kids of each family, the dollar store is great for this.  The dollar store also had the cutest little teddy bears for only a buck each!  We bought boxes of chocolates, I had made a bunch of scarves - knitted, and my daughter made a bunch of slippers - crocheted, we found some Christmas Nativities that were on sale, because of last minute shopping :) added in a few other odds and ends, and voila, we had some great boxes of gifts that we delivered.  It was so much fun.  I loved the beginnings of a tradition that we created last night.

I always think that Christmas is too commercialized, and I wanted to really make a difference in the lives of someone.  Hearing the stories of my son when Santa showed up at the doors and how the little kids hugged him and sat on his knee, and how these parents laughed and cried at the fact that someone thought of them, was so worth it.  We borrowed a Santa suit from a friend, but now I am going online to look for one that we can keep and do it every year.

I also started another tradition, in that I made up some really nice binders of Christmas stories that I have collected, and gave one to each of my children.  Each year I will add in a new collection of stories that I find throughout the year.  In the front of each binder, I put a picture of my child, and their family for those that are married.  Each year I will add a new family portrait that they can add to their binder as the years progress and we can have a keepsake of Christmas stories and photos through the years.  This actually makes me happy to look forward to Christmas again.  I am already thinking on what we can do next year.

I think all in all, it was a good Christmas for everyone! 


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