Sunday, December 29, 2013

Quiet Time

I love those Sunday mornings when everyone is still asleep and I get a few minutes of quiet time to reflect on my week past, and the coming one.  The hummmm of the refrigerator in the background and the small trickle the fish tank makes, are the only noise in my house right now.  I value these moments of peace, as I don't get them too often.  Don't get me wrong, I love having everyone around.  My kids and grandchildren are pretty special to me, and I wouldn't have it any other way, but once in awhile, it is really nice to be able to ponder.  I often reflect back on some of those peaceful happy moments, like my playing in the creek, and wish I could just transport myself back there for a short while.  But the here and now is reality, and making the most of it is what is important right now.

It amazes me how fast Christmas came and went.  Now this week I am looking to the New Year 2014, and pondering on some of the things that I would really love to accomplish this year.  I have seven blogs that I am writing on, which a couple of them I hope to turn into books by the end of the year, or sooner.  I love to write, and I would really love to have something published.  I just think that would be an awesome legacy to leave behind.  It has always kind of been a dream of mine.  I don't really love to read or write novels, but a good reference book, or a good feel good book, now that I can spend hours every day reading and studying.  I love to learn!  So goal number one is to keep writing regularly so as to have something ready to publish this year, whether I self publish or find a publisher, I am not sure.  I am still in the stage of researching that, but I will accomplish this goal. 

Another goal I have, is to really work on getting out of debt.  I hate being in debt.  It is such a stressful thing.  I probably won't write much about that one, other than touch on it once in awhile, but I really, really hate being in debt.  Of course if I can make my number one goal a reality, then that will go a long way to making the number two goal a reality as well. 

The last big goal, is to get myself healthy this year.  I hesitate to even write this one down, because this is often everybody's goal - to lose weight, or to get healthy, and then next thing you know the year is almost over and you haven't done anything towards this one.  But if I have it here, written down, and am constantly checking in as I write, then I am sure it will become a reality.  I have some health issues, nothing that is too serious at this point, but they could become so if I don't make some changes.  So it is definitely time to do some lifestyle changes, more in particular my eating and exercising habits.

Well, there are my three big goals that I am going to work on this new year.  This blog, is kind of my dumping place for my meandering thoughts.  When I am pondering thoughts, feeling low or excited, or just feel like I need a friend to talk to, here you are.  It's kind of nice to be able to just babble without someone trying to interject their thoughts and feelings.  I love my family, but we all - myself included - are really good at voicing our opinions and what we think each other should be doing.  That is kind of the great thing about writing a blog, it is just you!  Of course your followers count too, and may voice their opinions too, but it is different, in a way.  So if you feel you need a place to meander, like my walking the creek, then start a blog.  Let me know about it, because I would love to follow along and laugh and cry and ponder with you too!


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Sweet, I will check it out!

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