Monday, January 06, 2014


Kind of feeling a little on the blah side today!  I am sure you have never felt that - right??  Okay, so really we have all felt that.  My meanderings today go to eyes.  Yes you heard that right!  Eyes.

I love to look at eyes.  Eyes can tell so much about a person, their mood, their true feelings, whether or not you can trust them, are they wise, are they harsh, and so much more.

You hold a soft spot in my heart!
Look at these eyes.  Can't you just see the love in their eyes.  I see a story that maybe tells about the simple yet happy life they have grown up with.  I see that they are good friends and love each other.  I can see that they want you to love them and that they are innocent.  Oh man, if I could just wrap my arms around their little bodies and give them a big hug.  That is what their eyes make me want to do.

I can also see that there can be a bit of every thing that a little by holds, mischief and energy.

The color in their eyes is stunning, to say the least.  They pierce you.  If I had the chance to look deep into their eyes, for real, I am positive that I would have a really hard time to pull away.  I really believe that eyes looking deep into another's eyes, can communicate spirit to spirit in a way that words never will.

My grandson 2 weeks old
One of my all time favorite thing to do is to look into the little eyes of my two year old grandson.  His eyes are so intense and full of wonder and wisdom.  Almost like he has much wisdom beyond his years that he wants to share, but the time is not yet.  Someday Grandma he seems to tell me, Someday I will share with you.
My son when he was two years

 I always loved my youngest sons eyes.  He is here on the right.  His eyes were so intense, and still are even though he is 16 today.  He is one that is really easy to read by looking into his eyes.  He is a very serious boy, always has been, whether or not he was playing, working, doing school or getting into trouble, it was serious business and still is.

 Here is another of my soft spots.  Elderly ladies.  I have had the opportunity to get to know ladies of all ages and all walks of life.  I must admit that the most sincere, wisest, and sweetest of all ladies are without a doubt, the ladies that have eyes such as this sweet one here.  Their hearts are without a doubt just as sweet and sincere as their eyes.

Can you see the sincerity in her eyes?  The wisdom of age and many trials?  The love that she has for people?  I bet that she works hard every day to feed her family.  She probably cooks meals for many people with very little to work with.  Yet she holds her head high and looks like she still loves life.  I do see a hint of sadness and pain there too.  Wishing perhaps that she could offer more, do more, or perhaps even have a little more.

But really don't you just want to give her a big hug and say "I understand"  and "I love you for who you are, it is enough!"  

Take some time to look deep into someones eyes.  I dare you!  You will find that our spirits communicate feelings, emotions and thoughts that words just can't do.  It is a wonderful thing to do.


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