Sunday, January 05, 2014


My meandering thoughts today are all over the place.  Do you ever have those times when you just can't seem to focus your thoughts, but just seem to be wandering?  I have had one of those days.  I had very little sleep last night, so that, doubled with today being Sunday, my day of reflection and pondering life, has got me meandering.

I have such a respect for mothers today.  Not just today, but the mothers of today, who fight so hard to keep families together.  Who work, stay at home, go to school, and often more than just one of these.  It isn't easy being a mom today.  It isn't easy being a grandmother either.  I know that it is very hard for mom's to find that happy balance, that place where they can feel fulfilled, and they can help their children and husband also feel fulfilled.

I admire mothers who stay home to be there for their children.  Sometimes it is a sacrifice for them, to give up their careers, put their education on hold, and to basically put life on hold for those short years while their children are little.  They spend the time to teach their children the values of life.  They take time to play with their children.  And even sometimes, more and more, we find them home schooling their children too.

I admire mothers who juggle the schedules of working and raising a family.  They still understand the value of teaching children and being a part of their lives, but often don't have the luxury of staying home.  Sometimes these mom's need to have that work part of their lives to help them feel fulfilled, and that's okay too.  Unless of course that work part, takes priority and takes place of what is important.  And unfortunately, sometimes that happens.

I admire mothers who juggle education and raising a family.  It is so important for women to have a good education.  It just is not possible to make it on a minimum wage job, especially if you happen to be a single mom.

I admire the single moms who give their everything to put their children first.  These children just are not with us for very long, and then they are grown and gone.  Often single moms struggle day to day just to make ends meet and to keep smiling.  If you know one, or several, give them a hug.  They deserve it.

I admire the moms who for whatever the reasons, don't have a great support team from your husbands.  Sometimes you feel like you are a single mom and have to do it all yourself.  Believe me when they are older, they will remember the sacrifices you have made, and love you all the more for the dedication that you have shown them to be there for them.

I admire mothers who put their children's well being first.  There are mothers out there who don't do this, and it breaks my heart.  There will come a time, when you can put yourself first, when the kids are grown and gone, but when they are little, there is no room in our hearts for selfishness.  It only hurts our children.

I admire mothers.  I applaud you who make it through another day,  and wake up to face the next one.  It is not easy.  Find your support team and cling to them, whoever that might be.  There are moms out there going through things too, we all do, so let's help each other out and lift each other up.  We can be the support that each other need.

Yay for moms!


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