Saturday, February 22, 2014

Less and More

I look at the way we all live our lives and feel like there are a few things that we should all be able to live with less of.  We live in a world of extremes.  There are very few things any more that are gray areas.  It seems to me that everything is pretty black or white.

I think we could all live with a little less heartache and a little more joy.  There is heartache in abundance in the world.  Perhaps if we take the time to refocus our thoughts, we might enjoy a
Trouble or joy?  Joy! Fun! Memory!
little more joy in our lives.  The heartache may be there, but we can find joy in the little things of life, if we really try.  The joys are there. They are all around us.  We just need to train ourselves to focus on them instead of the heartache.  We need to make sure that we are part of the joy giving process, not the heartache process.
We would do well to live with a little less bitterness and a little more forgiveness.  I know this one all to well.  I have friends and family who can not seem to let go of the bitterness inside of them, which leaves no room for forgiveness.  Forgiveness is sweet to the soul.  It is a cleansing process.  Whereas, bitterness seems to grow and fester and get worse, but only for the one who is holding it so close.  Please let it go and forgive those of us who are not perfect.  Life is too short to allow those bitter feelings to destroy you.

We could all live with a little less judgement and a little more confidence, and acceptance. It is so very easy to judge someone.  In fact sometimes it is a game I play, to sit and watch people and try to figure out what is going on in their lives.  Of course, I will never truly understand and that is okay.  But judging someone to the point of having it affect their life or yours, is not okay.  Often people who are the harshest judges, live with a lack of confidence themselves, so judging makes them feel like they are in control.  How about instead of judging someone, we take time to build our own confidence.  There is really only one judge, and it is not you.  Take your eyes off of everyone else's problems and try to be the best person that you can be, and then you will become great.  Keep in mind that not one of us are perfect.  We all have our own set of challenges, that are unique to us.

How about a little less selfishness and a little more service.  I have found that forgetting yourself and your problems and turning to the service of others in their needs, will create a feeling of happiness inside you that is not comparable to anything else.  I have made some of the dearest friends, through the service that I have done.  I really do love to serve other people.  It is not okay
to be selfish and think that the world revolves around us.  Guess what?  It doesn't!  Selfishness won't bring you happiness.  It won't bring you friends.  It won't bring you anything except misery.  Serve others, I dare you to try it.  Put it to the test and see for yourself.

We can definitely live with a little less waste and a little more care.  Everywhere I go, I hear people say that we live in a world of waste, a throw away society.  And you know what?  They are right.  It really is sad to see how much stuff is wasted. The amount of food that gets wasted in one household is often enough to feed another family, yet we just throw it away.  Yet our world is regulated so much that you cannot give things to the needy if they are not brand new or fresh, and so we throw things away again.  What are we becoming? 
We are a disposable society.  Toss it out and get new!  That isn't okay.  We really need to take more time to care for "stuff", and the world we live in.  It isn't hard.  It just takes a bit of rethinking.  How could I or someone else use this, instead of throwing it away?

There are things that we can all live with a little less of.  I know in my life that I definitely have things that I need to let go of, and things that I can change, to make me a better person.  I know what these are for me.  What are they for you?  How can you live with a little less and a little more?


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