Thursday, July 10, 2014

Camping and Creeks!

I love camping, and I really love camping when there are creeks involved.  You know how some people love chocolate, some love old barns, some love puzzles, etc, etc, .... well I love creeks.  To  me there is just something that is so peaceful and beautiful about a little creek bed, the water moving over the rocks, the trees around it, the sound of the trickling, I don't know for sure, but I love it. 

We were not camping by a creek this time, because when I booked the site, I didn't know there were beautiful little creeks so close to other
campgrounds that were not very far away.  But....we found them!  We went for a drive one day and did some exploring, and here are some of the creeks we found.

I know, I know I am probably weird, but man there is just something about these that just call to my soul.  Perhaps when I get back to Heaven some day, I will understand why I have that longing.  

I so wanted to spend all day exploring the creeks and just walking up
them, but we just didn't have the time, and I am sure that not everyone with us wanted to do it.  I am sure Tal would have gone for the walk with me!  Oh well, I know where they are, and they are only an hour from where I live, so guess what?  If I disappear for a day, that is just where I might be!  Any takers want to go walking in the creek with me?

I promise, it soothes the soul, and makes one forget that the real world is out there in all it's fury, just for a short while.


Talia Zemp said...

We will come walk with you. Love you.

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