Monday, March 24, 2014

Believe In Brighter Things

You know some days, it is just darn hard to believe in anything, let alone believe in bigger things.  My husband and I were talking today at lunch about some of the plagues of the world today, which got me thinking on this a little deeper.  Which made me look up the actual meaning of a plague. 

Plague - an infectious disease - a disease that has a high mortality rate or a calamity with widespread and serious consequences for its victims

It also mentions things like the plagues of Egypt in the Bible, and plagues of insects or disease that destroy crops.

I like the definition of a disease / or a calamity, with widespread and serious consequences for its victims.

Going with this definition, it would be justifiable to say that laziness in the world is a plague.  It would
also be right to say that entitlement is a plague.  What are some of the other things that seriously affect people, that will have serious consequences?  How about lack of caring, abuse, depression / anxiety, stress, pornography, alcohol and drug abuse, and also the many health issues. 

We were kind of talking about being lazy at first, and how we are actually pretty concerned for the generations that are following us, because they don't have the same work ethics that we were taught.  They seem to not want to do anything more than what is absolutely necessary to get by.  There are a few who have been taught otherwise, but by and large, there is a serious problem with the next generation. 

Then to continue on with this thought, who is going to teach the generation that comes from them?  If they can not do something themselves, they certainly won't be able to teach it to someone.  The vicious cycle of this plague continues.  Where can we stop it?  How can we believe in things to come that they will be great, when we can't see past the plagues that are haunting these upcoming generations?  It makes it very hard to be positive.

I do believe that there will be good things to come in the future.  I do also believe that these good things will come because of hard work, preparation, education, and dedication.  I believe that if I teach my children to work hard, love learning, keep the laws of the land, and keeps the laws of God, then at least I have the hope that there will be good things in my future.

What am I going to teach them?
1. Work hard - don't be lazy, the world has enough lazy people, we need people to work hard and be committed to it
2. Love learning - always be learning something that will improve your life
3. Keep the laws of the land - there is no need to break the laws if you are living a decent life
4. Keep the laws of God - even more so than anything else, keep the laws of God, at least as you know them.  

I believe in brighter things to come!  I believe we can have a healthy productive world, especially if we could get enough parents to buy into it. If we can't, then I seriously worry for the future.  It is a choice as parents, what we teach our children.  Do we want them to be contributors to society, or leeches in society?  Depending on how we answered that question, will help decide what we need to teach them now.


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