Saturday, December 06, 2014

One Year of Walking The Creek

Just over one year ago I started this blog.  I can't believe how fast the year has gone.  I have learned much and grown even more in this past year.  I have had many experiences that have stretched me, some almost to my breaking point, but those probably have helped me to grow the most of all.  I wanted a place to share my meanderings in life - my own happy place to be - and this has been my walk the creek.  It has been good.

One thing I can say for sure, is I am actually kind of looking forward to Christmas this year.  I know I actually said that!  Me, who hates almost everything that has to do with Christmas, except the real meaning of Christmas.  I have been psyching myself up for it for the past few months, planning and thinking of how to make it great.

Of course, we are going to do our Santa deliveries again this year, which was so much fun last year.  We get my son to dress up as Santa, and on Christmas Eve we deliver presents and goodies to families that might need a little TLC.  I have been collecting treasures, goodies, gift bags, and picking up little things here and there for a while now, making my list of who I want Santa to visit,  and checking his list twice for him, so that Christmas Eve can be perfect.

I have decided to do a Christmas Eve box and start this new tradition in our family.  Logan and I went and bought a treasure chest type box, and are filling it with things that our family can do on Christmas Eve.  I found the idea of course browsing on pinterest (one of my best friends).  We are adding things like a new nativity dvd, yummy special treats, a gingerbread house to make, a new Christmas book, maybe a new game, and stuff like that.  I know our kids are older, but it is never too late to make traditions.  I think them being older is even a better reason to keep doing things.  It would be so easy to slack off and quit on some of the little things that mean the most.  I often think that because we are getting older, and we only have teens left at home, it would be all too easy to just do nothing and we all sit and stare at our technological devices and be happy with that.  Quitting, on setting those fun times and special times with the two left at home, would be too easy.  So thus a new tradition, a Christmas Eve box, for whoever happens to be at our house for the evening. 

Christmas Eve is also full of delicious yummy foods at our house.  Usually finger foods and snacking type things that are everybody's favorites.  I ask each person what they really want, and that is what our menu consists of.  There is never any rhyme nor reason to any of it, just whatever is the favorites at the time.  It always turns out great. 

So as far as Christmas Eve goes this year, it is shaping up to be a great one.  I am actually looking forward to it.  I will have both of my University / College kids home, which makes it about perfect!  Not sure which of my married kids will be around because it is their year with the inlaws, but that's okay too.  We will have fun.

Christmas Day is looking to be relaxing and lazy, which works for me.  If I could just figure out what everyone wants for Christmas!  For those of you, who have been done your shopping for some time now, how do you do it?  I just never know what to get for my kids.  A couple of them are really easy, and the rest, are unbelievably hard.  Often I just think I want to give money or gift cards, but then I feel like I am copping out by doing that.  Where is the fun in that?  But, when they have the means to buy what they want when they want it, I feel like I have to find something that they wouldn't think of for themselves.  Oh the pain!  That is a part of it I still haven't learned to love. 

I started this blog a year ago, to find some peace in my soul, to see if I couldn't find some peace in Christmas, and to have a place to keep some memories and thoughts.  Have I succeeded in this?  I believe so.  I have learned that I love blogging, and it does help me have a place to share my thoughts.  In writing some of these things, and doing a bit of research, I have helped others as well as myself, so success! 

Start a blog!  You just might find that you find yourself along the way!


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