Sunday, November 01, 2015

Random Acts of Kindness - Day, Week, Month, for life

November 13, 2015 is Worldwide Kindness Day, and even though Random Act of Kindness day is in February on the 17th, I think we should do it all of the time.  There is a great website here, Random Acts of Kindness Foundation, yep there is really a foundation about it all.  Pretty sweet, check it out.  

I also found this video, among many others, that shares just how little we have to do to change the life of someone around us.  We may never even know all the good a kind act will do, but if we act on the promptings and impressions we get to do them, we really can help change lives.  It may make you shed a tear or two, hopefully.  :)

Some of the ideas I have used before on a couple of different posts include:

Greeting Card Ideas - or notes, everyone loves to get one.
  • for any special occasions
  • for appreciation
  • when they are missing
  • to say thanks
  • reminders of events
  • reminders of things we did together
  • to share a joke
  • to say I love you
  • for a job well done
  • to share wonderful news
  • tell them what they mean to you
  • for fun memories
  • encourage with scripture
Ideas to do:
  • make and deliver cookies
  • take treats to a daycare
  • donate diapers, etc to teen moms
  • leave a gift card for someone
  • take dinner to someone
  • become email pals
  • make pillowcase dresses for girls in Africa
  • I love you because.... cards
  • coloring books and crayons to ER
  • fortune cookies – fortunate to have a friend like you
  • leave chalk messages for a friend on their sidewalk
  • leave smiley faces on the mirrors wherever we go
  • always have treats baked and ready to go
  • take a flower to someone
  • take a friendly balloon to someone
  • just because, thinking of you today, wanted you to know, simply just because
  • a bottle of refreshment – enjoy your day with a little refreshment
  • small gift basket full of treats from....
  • welcome to the neighborhood gift
  • thank someone
  • follow inspiration immediately
  • compliment someone
  • do something for a cause or group
  • give a book to a friend
  • hand written notes
  • pick a book – put $5 inside with a note to use the 5 to purchase the book
  • hand out lollipops at a store
  • hand out coloring books and crayons at a store full of kids with a note attached about the importance of sharing kindness
  • hand out small mirrors to people with the note attached – you are beautiful just the way you are
  • care pkgs for someone who is sick – herb tea & mug, chocolates, tissues, noodle soup
  • little boxes or bags with candy hearts and note saying you are loved
  • buy someone tickets to something at the esplanade
  • place sidewalk chalk at a playground for kids to use
  • take a large cake to food bank for supper
  • take stuffies to kids in hospital
  • take small hats to babies in hospital
  • take a bag of do food to the SPCA
  • add money to a parking meter
  • knit booties for kids at hospital
  • buy a magazine for a friend
  • leave kind notes in library books
  • take flowers to hospital patients
  • leave positive comments online
  • tape loonies to toys at dollar store with note saying buy a toy on me
  • take fun balloons to the kids floor at the hospital
  • take crayons and coloring books to hospital
  • make cookies and take to staff room at school
  • take flowers to a care center
  • donate clothes
  • leave coins at a car wash
  • leave stick on eyes in random places to make people smile
  • write a kind note and sent it to a random address
  • put hearts on random wind shields in a parking lot
  • leave a sidewalk chalk message
  • post happy quotes in random places
  • stop complaining – speak positive
  • give hot chocolate & a mug
  • buy a Costco cake and a large jug of milk and take to the fire station
  • leave a basket full of goodies at the missionaries home
  • make and give headbands for the new babies and moms at the maternity unit
  • smiley faces – someone is happy because of you today
  • support a young persons dream
  • have an ...... appreciation day for who needs it
  • compliment everyone
  • make little gift baskets for kids in the neighborhood – just because
  • learn to just listen
  • learn to use peoples names
  • buy a small gift for someone just because
  • leave a pretty bag of hugs and kisses with a note on a door

    Here on this link you can find a ton more ideas you could do.   Check it out.

It really doesn't matter what it is, how you do it, or when you do it.  It really only matters that you DO IT!!!

 Do those RAK's and get outside yourself.  The world will be a much better place, one life may be a better life, because you looked at someone else, besides yourself.  

Good luck - Go and Do - then feel free to share with us what you did.  Or not.  Sometimes anonimity is a good thing, but to be inspiring to others is also good.


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