Wednesday, December 16, 2015

December 16

Nine more sleeps til Christmas!  Oh my goodness. 

Anyway,  I am not going to talk about Christmas today.  I have a love / hate relationship with it, so therefore I am just going to save that subject for another day. 

I do however love talking about herbs, studying herbs, making things with them, growing them, smelling them, and using them in so many things, and I am excited for my new goals.  You can follow me along with my new study goals here at Bitter Sweet Herbals, if you want.  I have created my own, pretty inclusive, outline course of study for becoming a master herbalist, and am going to go through the study process myself to achieve this. 

I have done a fair bit of basic studying in herbal studies, and totally love it, but now it is time in my life to step it up a notch, before time runs out on me.  I am a great one for getting sidetracked on various projects that take forever and I never really get around to doing what I love to do or really want to do, so now is the time to pick up on that and get her done!

Some day I would love to create a product that I could sell enough of, or even have my own store front, working with herbals, so that I wouldn't have to have another job.  But like I said, I am not getting any younger, and my time is sailing by so quickly, I really need to get a move on these things. 

Some of my goals for the new year of 2016, study and write every day, something, and figure out a way to get some online sales going for some of my herbal products.  I have other goals, and will share some of them another day, and I may even write them all out here, and my process for making them all happen, but not today, because for today, I have to head off to work soon, but I promise for myself, I will make it happen.  It is time to make it happen.

Book and Pen, you are my brains and my inspiration for the new year.  Hang in there with me!


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