Wednesday, December 16, 2015

The Beginnings of Bitter Sweet

I have always wanted to become a Master Herbalist, or a Clinical Herbalist, or both.  I am not sure at this point that I completely understand the difference.  I have already taken a basic beginning herbalist class and a few other online classes, but that doesn't suffice for what I want to be when I "grow up", so to speak.  I have raised six kids and am on the grandkid side of things now, and I actually find I have a small amount of time to myself on occasion, and I think it is time to kick it into gear and make some of my own wants become a reality, yet I can't come up with or just yet the couple of thousands it will take to do it.

What I did come up with, after researching several different online study options and gathering from them their course outlines, and going through different books that I have, was my own outline for my own study course.  I think it is pretty comprehensive, and when I have completed studying each subject on my own, I may not have the certificate or title behind my name, but I will know the material and that is what is important for now.  And I guess during my studies if I find I can justify the money going out, then I can always begin a real course to get the title and certificates.

This Bitter Sweet blog is going to be my place to collect all of my study notes, well probably not all of them, because I am an avid note taker as I read and study, I tend to write notebooks full of information I find.  I also love to write in my books I am reading, so I don't lose what comes to mind as I read.  However hopefully a couple of times a week, I will pop onto this blog to compile what I have learned and record it.  In that way, perhaps at the end, I can print off my own study manual I have compiled, and also it helps with the memory and recall of information if I write it down several times and in different ways.

So, there we have it.  This is my compilation of what I am going to study.  Later today, I will share my outline I have come up with, just in case there are any keeners out there like myself who would love to study herbalism, but just don't have the available funds right now to do so.

I have always said that Google is my best friend, and the library - whether my home library or the public one - is my university, so I am taking my best friend and my library and I am going to get my degree for myself.

Come and study along with me, if you like.


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