Saturday, December 19, 2015

Some Days

Some Days....

Some Days are...
  • beautiful with the quiet of the morning allowing peace and serenity
  • crazy as the hustle and chaos of life gets in the way of quiet
  • down right difficult when nothing works out how it should
  • fun when play takes precedence over all else
  • melancholy with wondering, pondering where life may be heading
  • quitting days, giving up, done, don't want to do it days, but push through anyway
  • family days, making memories, accomplishing nothing but what is precious
  • work, work hard, work fast, exhaustion, feel good, and accomplish days
  • for others, to serve, to please, to sacrifice, to do, to be blessed
  • to just be quiet, meditate, ponder, believe, worship, sit and listen, watch and wonder
  • to be beautiful, inside and out, appearance, clean, glowing, kind, classy
  • for nature, walking, listening, observing, beautifying, healing, sharing, life
  • for hobbies, learning, growing, stretching, smiling, reading, building, craft
  • just for sighing, happy, sad, content, frustration, worried, all for sighing
Some days....are every day, here and now, reality, today, calling, enticing
"Make Me Great!"  "Live Me!"  "I Am Yours!"
Some days....
by Davilyn


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