Saturday, December 19, 2015

The Road To Self Discovery

The Road To Self Discovery
I'm on a road, to not sure where,
Yet I will find it, I will get there.
On this journey I hope to find,
My inner peace, my strength of mind.
The road seems long, twisted, and hazy.
Sometimes it's easy, most times crazy.
Sometimes I laugh, sometimes I cry,
Yet it keeps whispering to me, "Just Try"
"Just try to learn and grow, you'll see,
You'll find yourself, who you should be.
You'll find it's not always a mystery,
Your road to self discovery."
I might find strength in the things I do.
I will likely be challenged, the whole way through.
I am sure I will find happy, and crazy, and sad,
And laughing, crying, peace and glad.
It's all a part of who I will be,
The journey, these travels, the blessings, I'll see.
It's who I was, who I am, who I'll be,
As I walk my road to self discovery.
I've traveled this road for some time now,
I am finding me, and finding out how,
To keep trudging along, through the sun and the pour,
There are days I don't want to walk any more.
There are days it is rough, tough, and down right hard.
There are days I could sing and dance in the yard.
But I am discovering, learning, and strengthening me,
On my road to self discovery.
So I'll keep walking the road, though I can't see the end.
I'll climb the hills and go around the next bend.
I'll take one step, two steps just for me,
As I stay on my road to my self discovery.
Davilyn Atwood


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