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Herbs and Their Properties

Herbs and Their  Properties

Herbs are known for their properties and that is how we decide what the herb can be used for.  Following is a list I have come up with of various herbs and their medicinal properties.   The next list I will post is one that will share the nutritional value of various herbs.  Enjoy
Ashwaghanda root - tonic, sedative, antiflammatory, nervine, immune booster, aphrodisiac -
general tonic or capsule
Astragalus root - stimulant, immune booster, antioxidant, anti tumor, hepatic - capsule or tea
Balm of Gilead resinous leaf bud - expectorant for upper respiratory, salve aches, salve for skin - cough syrup or salve
Bilberry leaf and berry - astringent, hepatic, diuretic, good for eyes, helps reduce macular degeneration - pill form
Herbs and Their Properties
Burdock root, seeds, leaves - alterative, good for kidneys, diuretic, nutritive - teas and tonics
Calendula flower heads - vulnerary, emollient, antibacterial, diaphoretic, alterative, astringent - oil or salve, poultice for skin, tea, great to use for varicose veins.
Cayenne fruit - diaphoretic, expectorant, stimulant, rubefacient, anodyne, vasodilator, hypotensive, antimicrobial - food, capsule, salve
Chamomile flower heads - nervine, tonic, sedative, antispasmodic, carminative, anti-inflammatory - tea, pill, salves
Charcoal - activated - absorbent for toxins and poisons - pill, salves, or alone
Comfrey leaf and root - tonic, fast healing, bone knit, demulcent, vulnerary, astringent, expectorant - tea, capsule, or salve, used to heal deep wounds / bones - not open wounds, assists with blood clotting,
Dandelion whole plant - alterative, cholagogue, diuretic, stomachic, aperient, tonic, glactagogue, hepatic, tea for liver and organ problems and cleansing
Echinacea root and leaves - antibacterial, febrifuge, immune stimulant, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, tonic, adaptogen, anticatarrhal - tea, tincture, capsule for respiratory infections and other infections also
Elderberries, berry and flowers - stimulant, anticatarrhal, antirheumatic, alterative, diaphoretic, immune stimulant - teas or tinctures for colds, flu, fevers
Eyebright, aerial portions - astringent, anti-inflammatory, expectorant - eyewash, tea for eyes and sinus
Feverfew, whole herb - analgesic, anti-inflammatory, emmenagogue, purgative, carminative - capsule or tincture daily
Garlic cloves - immune system builder, antioxidant, anti inflammatory, antifungal - capsule, tincture, cooking
Ginger, rhizome - antiviral, sedative, analgesic - tea, capsule, tincture, or cooking
Gingko Biloba leaves - vasoactive properties, cerebral, nervine, antioxidant, improves peripherial blood circulation, good for renyalds syndrome, adhd, alzheimers, etc - capsule
Ginseng Siberian - Bark of root - Eleuthero - adaptogenic energy tonic, nervine, antirheumatic, antispasmodic, mild aphrodisiac - capsule, tincture, tea used for low energy as an energy boost
Hawthorn berries, leaves, and flowers - cardiotonic, tonic, hypotensive, vasodilator, antioxidant - tea, capsule, or tincture
Kava Kava root - antispasmodic, stimulant, intoxicant, diuretic, antifungal, muscle relaxant - tincture for mild tranquilizer, not long term use
Lavender flowers - aromatic, nervine, sedative, carminative, antispasmodic, antidepressant, antispetic, vulnerary - tincture, salves, oil, lotion
Lemon Balm leaves - nervine, vulnerary, antiviral, cerebral, vasodilator, hypotensive, antispasmodic, carminative - tea, tincture for fevers, depression, nerves, digestion
Marshmallow root, leaf - emollient, demulcent, vulnerary, antibacterial - tea, poultice, capsule, tincture
Milk Thistle leaf, flower - hepatic, bitter tonic, demulcent, antidepressant - tincture, protect and regenerate liver
Mullein leaf, flower - expectorant, demulcent, antibacterial, antispasmodic, antitussive, astringent - tincture, smoke, tea, opens the bronchial tubes
Nettle leaf, stem, root - tonic, diuretic, nutrient, histamine, rubefacient, hemostatic, laxative, hypotensive, galactagogue - nutritive, tea, capsule, tincture overall health, promotes healthy
adrenal glands and kidneys, expels toxins, joint pain treatment
Passionflower leaves - sedative, hypnotic, antispasmodic, anodyne, hypotensive - tincture, capsule, tea, for nerves or insomnia
Peppermint leaves - carminative to nerves, stimulant to circulation, antispasmodic, stomachic, rubefacient - tea, essential oils
Plantain leaves and seeds - diuretic, alterative, anti-inflammatory, aperient - tea for urinary, poultice for external wounds
Raspberry leaf - hemostatic, astringent, mild alterative, parturient - tea for pregnancy and delivery, and menstrual problems
Skullcap aerial portions - sedative, nervine, antispasmodic – tincture, tea, or capsule for nerves, insomnia, and with drawl symptoms from drugs or alcohol
St. John's Wort herb - sedative, antidepressant, anti-inflammatory, astringent - tea, capsule, tincture for nerves, depression, insomnia
Stevia leaves - sweetener, reduce blood glucose levels - use as a sweetener
Usnea whole plant - antibiotic, antifungal, tuberculostatic – tincture, used as an atibiotic for fungal, viral, and bacterial infections
Uva Ursi leaves - diuretic, urinary antiseptic, astringent - tea for urinary tract infections and problems
Valerian rhizome - sedative, hypnotic, nervine, antispasmodic, carminative - tea, tincture or capsule for insomnia, stress, pain relief
Yarrow herb - diaphoretic, anti-inflammatory, antipyreic, carminative, hemostatic, astringent - tea, tincture, or capsule for colds, fevers, bleeding and hemorrhoids


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