Tuesday, January 26, 2016

A Good Cup of Tea

I gotta say, one of my favorite gifts from Christmas included two great tea to go mugs.  FYI I loved all of my gifts, they are all my favorites.  My dad always introduced us girls to his friends as one of his five favorite daughters.  I always used to feel so good, thinking I was one of his favorite, and now I laugh because he only has five daughters and we are all his favorites.  Now I also have picked up on his teasing and do it too. 
Soooooo, back to the thought that my tea mugs were one of my favorite gifts this Christmas, and I say that because I love herbal tea, and they were the perfect thing to get me through long days at work.  I had one already, now I have three!

Nothing beats a good herbal tea.  Now I know when I say that, you are probably thinking I like to drink the fruity yummy smelling kinds of herbal teas, well yes and no.  I like to add them to the real herbal teas.  I absolutely love a good nettle tea, or a good detox tea that consists of burdock root, milk thistle, nettles, and dandelion root, mixed with either a cranberry or some other kind of berry tea.  Delicious!  One of my favorite teas as of late is a good lemon ginger tea, using a tea bag, and then I often will cut up a thin slice of
A Good Cup of Tea
ginger and add it to the mug, then pour hot water over it.  Spicy and yummy!

Nothing also beats a good friend.  A good friend and a good mug of tea, and life is pretty perfect. I gotta say, I am pretty blessed in my life.  I have plenty of good friends, and lots of yummy tea to go around, but will always share one with you too.  Pop over sometime, and I will whip us up a great pot of tea!  We can sit and chat for awhile.

 Now you know one more thing about me!  I love a good cup of herbal tea, and love to share it with a friend, or sit with it while I write.

I have been drinking herbal tea now for many, many years.  It is a great way to get the healing properties into your body, and soothe the body, and soul at the same time.  What is your favorite cup of tea?  I would love to hear about it.  What is your favorite place to drink your tea or who do you like to share it with?


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