Friday, June 03, 2016

Stay tuned.....

Well, today I did it!  I decided to combine all of my blogs, meaning my own personal blogs that I write, and I have combined them down to three main blogs.  My family blog Atwood's Front Porch, my preparedness blog Today While The Sun Shines, and this blog, Walk The Creek.  Why?  Well, let's just say, it saves me time.  One thing you must learn about blogging, (which I have forgotten from time to time), is to maintain your focus.  I love to create new blogs!  Seriously!  I get an idea and run with it!  Sometimes those blogs take off, sometimes they are for others, and sometimes they fizzle out and fade into the background of the mass amount of data out there in cyber space.

I love this blog - Walk The Creek.  It is the blog that really started all of the others.  It is my happy place, my place to just be who I am.  My place to dream.  My place to vent.  My place to write.  My place to de stress.  Most importantly, it is MY Place!  I should not forget that.  It makes me happy.  Every time I turn to it, I smile, and find a small sort of peace that gets me through another day, or hour.

A few months ago - time flies when you are having fun - my family was hit hard by the shutdowns in the oilfield due to our newly elected government - but don't get me going on politics and how screwed we really
are.  When this happened, instead of turning to my comfort of writing on my blogs, and working on my novels, I stopped writing all together.  It seemed like I kind of went into survival mode.  Going through the motions of work and duties, but not really loving any of it, or anything.  I guess it is time to snap out of it, because it doesn't look like it will be ending any time too soon.  Sigh......

Therefore, today I begin once again, by compiling, simplifying, and writing, once again.  It feels good.  It feels great!  I need to take it all back again!

Have you ever felt like you are in survival mode, just going through the motions, waiting for the next thing to hit, and holding you breath hoping you will come out on top of it all?  I am done holding my breath, and done just going through the motions.  Done!

I have a business idea, and nope I can't tell you yet.  Hopefully in another month, it will be up and going.  I also have been working hard on emergency preparedness and self reliance.  Both have to do with my volunteer calling in our Church.  I am a Self Reliance Specialist.  It is one of the things I love to do.  Watch here for more updates on that, or take a look over here at Inch by Inch Preparedness, a blog I have going specifically for this calling.

Yes it is time, once again to renew my commitments, my faith, and my stubborn attitude and determination, and do it my way, instead of just getting through survival mode again.  It is time for me, how about you?  I know you feel it too.  I know we all feel it.  I talk to you, and it is very much a part of our world today.  My question is what are you going to do about it?  My advice is take control of it, don't let it control you.

Good luck!  I know I am going to need it.  Work hard, and persevere, and I will see you on the upswing of it all once again!  Stay tuned......


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