Thursday, February 18, 2016

Meeting Your Needs

Well this should have been a post for a couple of weeks ago, week three to be more specific, but it didn't get finished, until now.  Such is my life and meeting my needs right?  Haha.  I have decided that I can't do a weekly challenge.  It will push me to where I can't accomplish what I want, and then I get frustrated, and feel like my needs are not being met.  When in reality, my needs are not realistic - I can't do a weekly challenge in my life right now.  I just need to do what I can do.

Had lunch today with a good friend, and chatted about this very topic.  How is it that we go about meeting our own needs, when we spend so very much of our lives meeting the needs of our children, husband / or spouse, extended families, and others around us?

We are both at the age of life where our kids are grown and pretty much gone, and now it is a time of self discovery.  What do we do with ourselves?  What do we love?  What are our hobbies?  What comes now?  Sure we have the grandkids that take up some time, and we have our work, and our volunteer church activities, but what about ourselves?  What can we do to meet our own needs finally at this time of our lives?

Every stage of life we go through, we have to discover what our own needs are in amongst the chaos.  It isn't easy, but it needs to be done.  If not, when we get along to the stage of empty nesters, it is a lonely struggle to figure it out.
Meeting Your Needs

Now, I in no way mean we need to be selfish about our needs.  We never need to put our own needs above those of our loved ones, especially to the degree they suffer while we are being self centered.  Not a chance.  Yet we can work with our loved ones and express our needs to them, perhaps they can help us meet our needs and we can develop a win, win, situation. 

This week, I have the week off, and I was really hoping to get a ton of writing done, but once again, life took over and I didn't.  I am accomplishing a ton of other stuff, all good stuff, like decluttering, service projects, and the like, but not much for writing.  The week isn't over yet though!  I am not giving up!

I guess what I am trying to say with this post is - it is really important that we never leave out our own needs.  Sure we sometimes push them to the back burner, especially as mothers or fathers, but at some point in time, we need to meet our needs, or we will suffer burnout, depression, and other more severe things.  

Be realistic about your needs, and be realistic about meeting them.  


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