Monday, September 05, 2016

People are More Than a Name or Number

Often, and I mean way too often, we (as a people in general) tend to forget that others have feelings.  They have needs that need to be fulfilled.  Several times of late, in conversations I have had, the importance of building relationships has come up.  Whether it has been because we have been looking at stats, or talking about specific people, it has come up. 

Why is it, that we get so terribly caught up in what is important to us, what WE think, that we completely
miss the picture of what is important on the other end of the conversation or objective?  Seriously?  Why can't we see things from the other point of view, and understand it isn't always about us? 

Interesting, I was at a meeting where we were going over some stats, which of course involves people.  Questions came up about why certain stats were so low, and how can we bring them up, improve them.  I really feel building relationships is one main key to dealing with people.  Like a wise man told me over the past week, you build a relationship with someone, and build up that bank of trust, and occasionally you have to cash in on some of that trust.  If you don't have a bank of trust, and a relationship, you have nothing to cash in on.

Relationships, something I have always tried to create with my own kids, with those who I have taught, and those I have worked with.  It doesn't always have to by my way, in fact when dealing with people we want to help, it is very rarely my way.  It is about what is best for the other person, what will help them best to solve the problem.  Not... what I think is best, or what I want, but what is best for them!

This is a hard concept for so many to accept.  I get it.  But I guarantee if we take our eyes off ourselves for awhile, and really focus on the needs of others, things seem to start to make sense.  It works.

People are more than a name on paper, or a numbers on a list of stats.  They have feelings, needs, and are breakable.  What are their feelings?  What are their needs?  How can I help them without breaking them?

Life is Fragile!  Lift, don't tear down.  Strengthen, don't break.  Encourage, don't be mean.  Build relationships, don't close off.  You will be happier, and so will those around you.


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