Sunday, August 14, 2016

Creative Muse

I have never figured myself to be a creative person.  My house isn't all crafty and gorgeous.  I don't really keep up with fashion, you know, just jeans and a t-shirt for me is all good. I don't draw.  I don't create artwork or stuff like that.  My kids can come up with some really creative forms of art, or decorations, or cool things, but not me.  I guess my brain just doesn't think like that.  

But then.... I think of the things that I can do, and when I look at these things, I realize I probably do stand out in my own way.  Maybe people think of me as being weird, like sometimes I refer to others this way.  Grins!  

If you look at the definition of the word muse - or at least one definition -  it says:   a woman, or a force personified as a woman, who is the source of inspiration for a creative artist.   I raised six artists, of sorts, and I would like to think I am at least partially the inspiration behind some of their creativeness!  

I can cook pretty much anything you want, and very rarely need a recipe.  I can organize a large
event, feed a couple hundred people, and pull it all off without a glitch, with the help of my team (family, and a few others).  I am prepared for almost anything that might happen, in my home, outside my home.... preparedness is what I do.  I homeschooled my kids for most of their growing up years, and I actually miss it. I love creating blogs, and writing on them.  They are always changing and morphing as I meander along in life. I love writing stories, I love doing research, and I love planning things.  It doesn't really even matter what it is that I am planning, I just love planning things.  My mind is always whirling about new ideas, projects and stuff.  I know what I want and what would look good, I just don't always know how to make it happen, and that is where I can plan and call in the creative labor of my kids or hubby and make my vision happen. 

So I guess I am creative in my own ways.  It isn't always an outward picture of creativeness, like an artist or something, but I can create.  I actually like to create.  Creating is a learning journey every time I do something new.  Like walking up and down the creek looking for new rocks (okay one of my things I love to do), the learning journey of creating, to me, is a pleasure, a challenge, and yet peaceful all the same.  I kind of thrive on projects.

What are you creative in?  Do you like to make various forms of art?  Do you have a knack for story telling?  Do you like to design outfits?  Do you like to build things?  Do you like to carve sticks?  Do you like to be crafty?  Do you like to write things? Do you like to help people?  Do you like to cook?  Do you sew?  Do you weld?  Do you like working in gardens?  I am sure whatever you love to do, you are creative at it.  So next time you think to yourself, I am not really creative, think again.  We are all creative in whatever it is that we love to do, because I guarantee you, there is someone out there who doesn't want to do what you do, and they think you are so creative!


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