Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Three Years, Memories, What I Have Learned - Again!

In a couple of weeks it will be three years since I started "Walk The Creek."  You can check out my first few posts here. 

In the first few posts I kind of explained why I needed to find an outlet to "Be Happy"  so to speak.  I know I was struggling with some depression at that point in time, especially because Christmas was upon us once again, and I am not a person who loves Christmas.  Anyways, read about it, if you click the above link.

Three years later, Christmas is a month away, and I still don't love it!  I have learned to create a better appreciation for it, and I think mostly - to be honest with you - I just have learned to put on a happy face, and take it for what I can, and get through it. I try to find fun things, and spiritual things, to make it worth all the fuss and muss.  Doesn't sound very fun right?  Ah, it's okay, just not my favorite time of year.

What have I learned in the past three years of Walking My Creek, now that's been a journey.  I have written several books, mostly reference books of some sort.  I have two novels, in the works that I have put on hold for almost a year - bad me - just because life kind of over took me for a time.  I really need to get back to them, because I love where the stories are going, and I loved doing it.  Jeesh, when do I find the time to do it?

I have learned to appreciate the little things in life, so much more.  In the past three years, I have had a scare with some heart problems, which still gets me sometimes, and also had a scare with cancer, which was a small problem, and hopefully won't ever resurface.  I have had other health problems, which will never go away, so I have learned to cope with them and put a smile on my face.  So, honestly, I appreciate all the little moments that are precious memories.  I can honestly say my favorite quote is still by Og Mandino,

"I am convinced that the greatest legacy we can leave our children are happy memories: those precious moments so much like pebbles on the beach that are plucked from the white sand and placed in tiny boxes that lay undisturbed on tall shelves until one day they spill out and time repeats itself, with joy and sweet sadness, in the child now an adult."

Honestly, making memories, my motto in life!  Let's just make happy memories, and even the sad ones can be memorable and good things can come of them.

I also have found another of his quotes that has been a big factor in my healing over the past three years: 

"Realize that true happiness lies within you. Waste no time and effort searching for peace and contentment and joy in the world outside. Remember that there is no happiness in having or in getting, but only in giving. Reach out. Share. Smile. Hug. Happiness is a perfume you cannot pour on others without getting a few drops on yourself."

Serving others, giving to others, taking myself out of the equation and focusing on the needs of others, has been a huge part of my saving grace, and in return has offered so many small "tender mercies" of the Lord over the past few years.  It is true, you cannot pour happiness on others without getting a few drops on yourself.  It always comes back to you, often when you least expect it.  

I have learned that Christmas isn't so bad.  It can actually be kind of fun, if I let it.  Just need to let go of the commercial side of it and make those memories.  

I have learned in the past three years - or remembered - that God is always in control, and I just need to let Him be.  If I do my part, He always does what is best for me.  I know that is a hard one for some people in the world to believe, because there is so much bad, and sad, that happens, but I believe that He has a plan, and in the end, it will be good.  There is much good in the world, and He really does want what is best for us.

So, I hang in there, from Christmas to Christmas, making the best of each day, doing what is best and right according to what I believe, and making many memories!  Memories are all we get to take with us in the end, so we better build the bank of them and make them the best.  We can't take anything physical with us when we go, and I want to remember the good things, and the sad things, and yes even the things that have made me stretch and grow.  Most of all I want my family to have those memories, SO WE MAKE THEM!


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