Monday, November 28, 2016

Making Memories

If you are like me, you change focus often, some people laugh and call it adult ADHD, but I just think it keeps me going.  Thus, after much debate between the crazy flip flops in my mind, I want to adjust and change the focus of this blog, just a little bit.  Originally, Walk The Creek was about finding our happy place and getting through tough times, which worked great to help me get through some really tough times.  It was a MEMORY that got me through some of those tough times.  A special memory that made me happy, helped me remember what was important, made me smile, kept me going.  Not necessarily just one memory, but it was that one memory that brought about this blog.   The memory of me being at peace, walking the creek, fishing with my Grandpa in the mountains.  As a child, it was my happy place, one that I love to physically return to, and mentally visit often.

As I look back through these years, it has always been about the memories.  Everything I do is about making
Reading to one of my four favorite grandsons!
those memories, either for myself, my family or others.  The good memories are what get us through life, not only remembering them, but more importantly making them.  I think I am at that point in my life now, where "Making Memories," are pretty much the only thing that makes any sense any more.  It is what matters most. I am watching my parents generation pass away, and my own generation developing too many illnesses, leading to rough lives.  I see too many families fall apart, choosing selfishness over making memories.

I have always said making memories are important.  It has kind of been a family motto, so to speak, but now I am really going to start living it.  Memories are what it is all about.   I love my grandkids and want them to have many good memories of spending time with Grandma.  I want my kids to remember the good times we had while they were growing, and the good times we can create as grown ups and best friends. 

Time is simply, just to precious, and just too short, to waste it on things that don't matter in the end.  Making memories - now that is what matters!


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