Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Winter Blues

I can do anything, knowing camping is around the corner
Why do I get the winter blues?  And who named them that anyway?  I learned two days ago, that it is actually called Blue Monday, the day after Christmas and New Years when reality sets back in again.  The day when people have to pay bills and they realize they have over spent at Christmas, again.  The day when everyone who has had time off has to go back to work, back to school.  It is cold outside, and reality isn't so nice.  I never knew that was called Blue Monday.  I learned something new this week.  LOL. I can see why they call it that though. 

For me, it wasn't a Blue Monday.  It was just hard to get up early again after sleeping in for two weeks.  Otherwise, I enjoyed it.  Ya, money is a little tight after Christmas, but there is always hope at the end of that
Pick me!
tunnel, if you are willing to work for it.  I also am looking forward to 2017.  I have some great goals and plans already in the works.  I was able to finish quite a few of my renos over the holidays so I can worry less about my house being torn apart, and I am really looking forward to Spring, which is about six short weeks away! 

Winter blues, go away!  I really don't have them, other than I can't seem to warm up completely, and just when I feel like perhaps I am there, I have to go back outside again for something.  Man, it has been cold here for a month or so.  I don't know that we have ever had so many extreme cold warnings, and this much snow!  Where do I live?  Alberta.  So I shouldn't be surprised, I know, but I still am.  Chinook next week and I am a happy camper. Camping season is right around the corner! 

Winter blues, go away!  You really don't have to come another day!


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