Thursday, January 19, 2017

Only in Alberta!

Only in Alberta can it go from 30 below zero to 11 degrees above in less than a week!   Snow is almost completely gone, and there is hope for spring in the air.  However, it is far too early for that.  At least six more weeks before we should be warming up.  I guess "Groundhog Day" is only a couple of weeks away, and then we can know for sure if we will have an early spring.  Not that I believe in that theory, but hey, it is always fun to see what "they" say.  Whoever "they" are.

I am really looking forward to this new year of 2017.  Hubby and I have made a great list of ideas of things we want to do this year!  We called it our 2017 Bucket List!  I decided that each year just seems to pass us by so quickly, and we don't really plan things, we just kind of go with it, and next thing you know, it's gone.  So this year we have planned things.  I have 24 date nights planned.  Well some are date nights and some are date weekends.  I got many of the ideas from this site:  The Dating Divas  Love their site, their ideas and it actually made me look forward to many dates of strengthening my own marriage.  Yes we have been married for almost 29 years now, but who says we can't still have fun.  In fact, it is probably more fun now, and less stress because we don't have little kiddos and we have a little more money and time.  I totally would recommend their site and I purchased several of their products already. 

Reesor Ranch
I also have found this place and am totally stoked to head there for the May long weekend, and our 29th Anniversary!  Reesor Ranch.  I wish I could say this was only in Alberta, but it is in fact in Saskatchewan, in Cypress Hills.  The most beautiful scenery within an hour of where we live.  We have one of the cabins booked, and just being here, we will be able to knock off a few of the things on our bucket list.  We kind of have a realistic bucket list, and yes we even created a more personal, private bucket list as well.  Those
This is the cabin we have rented
ones, well we don't share!  Haha if you get my meaning?  We are not quite dead yet!

Of course our bucket list includes creating a small camper in the back of our truck so we can take off any time we want and it will always be ready for us.  I am totally stoked for that.  A topper on the truck, a bed, and some supplies and we can make camp pretty much anywhere!  I do love camping. 

I will keep posting more on our bucket lists as the year goes on.  In the mean time check out the dating divas site, and the Reesor Ranch.  Pretty sweet. 


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