Friday, February 03, 2017

Meaningful Moments

Grandma’s Meaningful Moments

Jax eating berries on the bench
I am sure that all Grandma’s have meaningful moment’s with their grandchildren.  If for some reason, you don’t, then I strongly encourage you to make them happen.  Make ever moment count with them.  I want to share with you some of my meaningful moments with my grandson’s.

On the bridge in Paradise Creek
I can’t even tell you how much I love the moments when they wrap their little arms around my neck and give me a great big hug.  There is a very little time in their life, when they feel like this is okay to do.  You need to take advantage of every one of these little hugs when you can.  They love to snuggle up until they turn about two, and then if you are lucky you can catch one once in awhile.  Then a couple of years later, they will hug again, but only because they know they should, not because they really want to.  I am not sure yet when the time will come again when they will love to hug their Grandma, but I will take what I can get until that time.

Target Practise at the farm
I love when they love to have sleep overs.  I know that I probably spoil them a bit, and perhaps even bribe them to have sleep overs, but that’s okay, I am allowed to do that.  I figured I earned that right because I raised their parents. Those times when we stay up late watching movies, eat popcorn or other goodies, and sleep in, are lots of fun.  I look forward to more of these.  These are meaningful moments that hopefully they will remember as they grow up as good times.  I can't wait until I can take them camping with us.  You know the Grandma and Grandpa camping trips.  I look forward to that special time together, just us and nature, exploring and experiencing new things.  Creating special memories.
And yes, we zombify sometimes

When we all get together and the house is rockin’ and kids are playing, we are making memories.  Small moments in the grand scheme of things, but many meaningful moments make up the plethora of memories we keep with us.

More meaningful moments: d is for ddddrrrama (grandma) haha Xander you are so funny, bonfires with Wyatt, sleep overs with Wyatt, Jax building line ups of cars, smiles and coo’s from Logan, ,
Reading books
playing at the park, walks in Kin Coulee, wiener roasts at Kin Coulee, dressing up as super heroes, birthday parties, kisses on the cheek (my cheek), falling asleep with the little guys, reading stories and telling it wrong so they correct me, eating strawberries at Grandpa’s farm and stuffing our pockets, playing in my creek, playing in my sandbox, playing with the rocks, eating raspberries, swinging in the big tree, oh we have fun!

For all you Grandma’s out there, make as many of these little meaningful moments count as you can.  It will hopefully create bonds that will last forever.  Wyatt asked once, if one of my grandkids was 18 and being a problem, would I still let them come in my home any time?  I said absolutely, my door will never be closed to my grandkids,
and has never been closed to my own kids.  There will always be an open door policy for all of my kids and grandchildren.  There always has been. Nothing can change that.  Just because they might make some dumb choices, doesn’t mean we still can’t love each other and make more meaningful moments count.  We all make dumb choices sometimes, we get through it, and move on.
Make those moments count.


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