Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Life is Too Short

Have you ever felt like life is just too short?  I feel like this sometimes, and it seems to be more and more lately.  The other day I felt this keenly when I realized that in just over twenty years, I will be seventy, and then the next thought of how it is now the generation of my parents that are the next to move on from this life.  I don't look forward to that part of it at all. It was kind of an awakening to me, that time is really precious and we just don't have much time to spare, or waste.  What will I do with the time that I have?  Whatever that time allotment is for me.

I have a dear friend who just lost a son a couple of days ago, and this also hit me hard.  I have children this same age, well actually they are grown ups, as was her son.  It is something that I pray I will never have to live through.  Nobody should have to outlive their children.  Yet it happens all of the time.  Perhaps it has even happened to you.

Maybe it is something else, that has happened to you, that has helped you to realize just how short life is.  I am sure that we all have our awakenings, and if you haven't had yours yet, just wait, you will.  I don't believe that any of us are exempt, unfortunately.  Yours may not be the loss of someone, but whatever it is, when it comes, you will know it.  Life is just too short. 

How do we get through those moments?  I really, honestly don't know, other than to tell you that we all do.  We push through.  We do, don't we?  We hurt, we even sometimes break, and then we shake it off and we get tough, and we go on.  It isn't easy, but what choice do we have? 

I think that the thing that gets me through times like this, is for the most part, my family.  I take my refuge in their love and their support.  I also have my faith, which helps me find answers and comfort where others can't.  And I love my quiet time, to ponder, reflect, and look to the future.  I have learned to take pleasure in any and all of the small moments that bring smiles to my face. These moments often include my family.  They are treasures.  I wish that we could all realize just how short life is, before it is too late for us to find that joy, that treasure in the small things.

Life is short!  Don't let it pass by without hugging, smiling, kissing and making those memories.  Always make those memories happy ones, because sometimes, they are the last ones we make.  Always tell that someone, that you love them, even if you have a hard time saying those words.  My parents are of that
generation where their parents never told them that they loved them, and so they have a really hard time telling their children that they love them.  Before I met my husband, I too had a really hard time saying those words because I had never heard them very often, if at all.  I promise you, that the more you say it to someone, the easier it will get to say it to everyone.  I tell my dad, every time we say good-bye that I love him, and I am sure that one of these times, he will actually say it back to me.  I know they are just words, but they are the most important words that you can say, because you never know when they will be the last words you say to someone.

We don't have time to waste fighting and arguing.  We don't have time for ignoring.  We don't have time for being angry. We don't have time to procrastinate.  Tell them every day that you love them, and give them hugs. 

My heart goes out to my friend right now.  I hurt for you and love you. 


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