Saturday, February 01, 2014

The Beauty of Home

I wrote a blog earlier today about frugal home decor,  and I always think about how I really would like to have one of those picturesque type homes, that everything is pretty, neat, clean, and coordinated in color and theme.  You know one that maybe looks something like this one here. 

Or maybe one that looks more like this log cabin, because I like the
style a little bit better.  They are both beautiful, but  I like the rustic log cabin style home.  They  both just have such a nice feel to them.  But then I think of my home, and nothing beats the beauty of my own home. 

It isn't pretty like either of these two pictures, and on most days, it kind of looks like chaos rules.  His name is Xander and he is two.  He is a busy boy and lives at my home.  There isn't a lot of space for things, and having two households in one, makes for a bit of clutter.  I don't have all of the matching furniture and accessories.  It is a work in progress, my home.  We have been doing renovations for several years now, and maybe someday we will actually finish them, and then again maybe we won't.

But you know what I do have that many other homes don't have?  A beauty that can't be bought.  I have a home that has an open door policy for friends and family.  And if you have been there more than twice, you fall into that category.  My kids love to bring their friends home.  We love to play.  We love to laugh.  We love to eat together.  I heard someone much smarter than I speak many years ago, and he said that if you have teenagers, you should always open your doors and refrigerators to them and their friends.  It is better that they feel loved and welcomed at your home than you not know where they are spending their time.  My husband and I decided then and there that we would adopt this policy and it has always brought us much joy.  I remember many times coming home to find the friends in the house - sometimes even cooking food - and my kids not home yet.  That is the true beauty of a home - a place where people feel welcomed, a place where everyone is equal and loved no matter who they are.  I have this beauty in my home and I wouldn't trade it for the most beautiful home in the world.  To me it is priceless.


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