Thursday, December 10, 2015

Things I Love

Sometimes it is important to think of just how many things out there in the world there are that we really love.  It helps to remind us on those bad days, that there are lots of great things in the world.  Here are some of the things on the list of Things I Love, not in any particular order.

Things I Love:
  • large dogs - in Mastif's and St. Bernard's, I love puppies of any type, but when they grow up I want them to be big
  • hot peppers - eating them, growing them, decorating with them, cooking with them, ya just everything about them
  • growing things - trees, gardens, flowers, and pretty much anything that makes the garden beautiful
  • creeks - the water trickling over the rocks, the rocks, the peace, nature
  • herbs - all things herbal, herbal healing, aromatherapy, reading about herbs, growing herbs, making things with herbs, again just everything about them
  • eyes - I love looking at people's eyes, it makes me see them who they really are, eyes tell so much
  • balsamic vinegar - yes I love it, some day I want to go to Italy and taste the real good stuff
  • hot summer days - yes I love the heat, my body just seems to soak it up and it feels so good
  • tigers - tigers are a magnificent animal, I could look at them all day
  • writing - it is my escape, I can say what I want, when I want and it is my own therapy that is just for me if I want it to be
  • digging in the dirt and planting things - I guess that goes along with growing things, but there is something to be said for digging in the dirt, it is itself a form of wonderful therapy for me
  • camping - yes I love it, with family or alone, I would take it either way, I love being in nature away from the craze of the world, camping is fantastic and makes for wonderful memories
  • front porches - I love the invitation that a front porch can offer, it is welcoming and friendly, and can be so beautifully decorated with great fun things.  Many memories can be made on a front porch
  • southwestern decor - all things of that variety, I love the look, the culture, the bright colors, and would just love to get to a market in Cusco Peru and do a little shopping
  • sunsets - not sunrises, I don't love mornings, but I love a pretty sunset especially if I can be in a quiet place either alone or with my husband to just watch and enjoy
  • lavender - the plant - I can only imagine the euphoria of walking through a field of lavender, oh my...
  • bonfires and picnics - so amazing and full of memory making material
  • cabins - especially ones that are in the mountains, I love the mountains too, peaceful and majestic, with the most beautiful scenery
  • birds - in particular I would love to have a large bird like a Macaw or African Grey - don't so much love the budgies and smaller ones, but the big ones I could train and grow friendly with - ya
  • family reunions, family gatherings, family parties - making memories
  • reading a good book - key word - good
  • sitting in the quiet and enjoying nature sounds - trying to see how many I can pick out
  • nature walks - in the mountains especially, but anyplace out of the city
  • of course my family - that should be at the top of the list
  • waterfalls - would love to travel and just go see waterfalls everywhere - the are just so pretty they fascinate me
So there is a short list of things I love.  As I think of more random ones, I will likely just jot them down, after all this is my place to jot down random things right?  It is my writer's notebook, so to speak, so it will be random things all the time.  Haha, you should see my real notebooks, WOW!  Maybe some day - or maybe not!  Smirk, snicker.


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