Saturday, January 30, 2016

100 Things I Love

100 Things I Love
100 Things I Love

I came across a challenge to see if I can come up with 100 things I love in my life.  Deal!  Here goes, not in a specific order....

I love.....

1. My husband
2. my children and grands, including the in-laws
My crazy family

3. reading
4. a good night's sleep
5. running water - inside the house, like flush toilets and tap water
6. running water outside - like a creek gurgling
7. flowers
8. herbs in my body and in the garden
9. transportation - walking everywhere would get old fast
10. technology - my computer, my cell phone, - communication technology I guess
11. friends - I love people, but really love my close friends
I so love camping
12. camping - love, love
13. the mountains
14. traveling to places - beautiful places - not that I ever do it, but I would love it I am sure
15. good music 
16. my Savior
17. my extended family - parents, siblings, etc
18. my camper trailer
19. St. Bernard's - I miss my Ronon
20. Mastiff's - I love most large dogs, but these two specifically
21. Tigers
22. the ocean - mostly walking on the beach - especially when we lived in BC - camping on the beach was amazing
23. the forest
24. picnics
love bonfires

25. bonfires
26. living on a farm - wish I could do it again right now
27. family reunions - most anyways - Houseman ones are a blast of fun
28. my bed
29. my back yard
30. meeting new people
31. writing
32. cooking
33. listening to my family be musical
34. helping people - service
35. being busy
36. libraries - can wander in them for hours
37. being prepared - food storage, etc
38. modern medicine mixed with herbal medicine
39. the scriptures
40. studying spanish
41. planning things
42. teaching classes - I learn most by teaching
43. horses
44. eating good food
45. sitting on my swing in the back yard
46. peace - no noise - to ponder
47. the temple
48. walking on a forest trail, finding a waterfall or small stream
49. lady bugs

Lady Bug Note Generators
50. butterflies
51. house plants
52. Johnny Reid music - going to see him in two weeks!!!
53. good memories
54. having a job to be thankful for
55. when my kids are happy
56. sleep overs with the grandkids
57. going for a drive - with no destination in mind
58. the feeling of coming home - doesn't really matter where home is - just the feeling
59. being happy
60. being involved in things - like groups, committees, etc.
61. learning new things
62. my faith
63. my plate collection that goes almost around my entire dinning room - it makes me smile - good memories behind each plate
64. playing with my family - making memories
65. a good cup of herbal tea
66. going for a walk with a friend
67. singing - but I suck at it - so I only sing with loud music playing
68. our old prayer rug - we use it at family prayer time
69. having a roof over my head - not necessarily my home - but the ability to have a home
70.  tropical birds - macaws, African greys, etc the big ones
71. greenhouses - I love growing things in greenhouses
72. gardening
73. preserving food
74. watching the news - used to do it with my dad - it's his fault :)
75. information - I have binders full of information I have gathered on various topics
76. salty things - like chips, crackers, etc
77. the days when I don't have headaches - few and far between
78. enjoying the little things in life
79. having the cupboards full / the fridge full - I hate shopping for it, but love having it there
80. having a storage room with supplies and food in it
81. being somewhat self reliant - with goals in mind to do more
82. being healthy
83. losing weight
84. hot peppers and hot pepper sauces
85. Essential Oils
86. cabins in the mountains
87. eating yummy vegetarian meals
88. to crochet
89. all things southwestern decor style
90. making home made stuff from scratch 
91. front porches - especially Atwood's front porch
92. the looks of the old apothecary's
93. parks, I love walking through parks, and just sitting and enjoying
94. eyes - they tell so much
95. happy people - they are easy to be around
96. a good chick flick movie - could probably do without other movies and tv
97. blogging - it is my escape and my place to just be and say whatever I want
98. hearing people talk about their life story - not complaining, but sharing stories
99. to think outside the box - how can I make things different - how can I do it all myself
100.  Finally - but not least - I love the dream that someday I may get to travel.  It is only a dream, and will likely never happen, but the dream of traveling is there nonetheless.  Top places I would love to travel and why.

Wow, I actually had to do some thinking on this post.  It wasn't so easy to come up with 100 things I love.  There are some things I like, some things I hate, but to say I actually love something, was different.  How's about it?  What are some of the things you love?  Could you come up a list of 100 things?


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